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100% Natural Antioxidants Olive Leaf Extract Powder:

Product Description

Olive Leaf Extract

Product Name: olive leaf extract powder
Latin Name: Olea Europaea L.
Parts Used: Olive leaf

Active Components: Oleuropein, Hydroxytyrosol
Specifications:  Oleuropein 6% ~ 80% (HPLC)

Hydroxytyrosol 3% ~ 20% (HPLC)

CAS No.]: Oleuropein: 32619-42-4

Hydroxy-tyrosol: 10597-60-1

Appearance: Yellow Brown Fine Powder

100% natural olive leaf extract without any additive.

Product Name:
olive leaf extract
Latin Name:
 Olea Europaea L.
Parts Used:
Olive leaf
Test Result
Test Method
Brownish yellow fine powder
Particle Size
100% pass 80 mesh
80 mesh screen
Oleuropein >10%
Moisture Content
5g / 105°C / 2hrs
Ash Content
2g / 525°C / 3hrs
Heavy Mental
≤ 20ppm
Atomic absorption method
≤ 2ppm
Atomic absorption method
≤ 2ppm
Atomic absorption method
Pesticide Residues
Gas chromatography
Sterilization Method
High temperature, high pressure
Total Bacteria Count
Total Yeast Count
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About the Olive Leaf Extract

Olive leaf is the leaf of the olive tree (Olea europaea). The silvery green leaves are oblong, measuring 4–10 centimetres (1.6–3.9 in) long and 1–3 centimetres (0.39–1.2 in) wide.

The benefits of olive leaves are nothing new, as they were used in the past for treating severe fevers and malaria. In Britain, the brew from green olive leaves was also used for aiding the sick returning from tropical colonies. Decades later, it is believed by scientists that the oleuropein substance, contained in the olive leaves was indeed responsible for the treatments and cures.

While olive oil is well known for its flavor and health benefits, the leaf has been used medicinally in various times and places. Olive leaf and olive leaf extracts (OLE), are now marketed as anti-aging, immunostimulator, and antibiotic agents. Though there is some laboratory evidence for these effects in bioassays, clinical evidence in humans is equivocal.

Clinical evidence has been conflicting regarding any blood pressure lowering effect of carefully extracted olive leaf extracts.Bioassays support its antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory effects at a laboratory level. A liquid extract made directly from fresh olive leaves recently gained international attention when it was shown to have an antioxidant capacity almost double green tea extract and 400% higher than vitamin C.

Olive Leaf Extract.

The primary active compounds in unprocessed olive leaf are believed to be the antioxidants oleuropein and hydroxytyrosol, as well as several other polyphenols and flavonoids, including oleocanthal. Elenolic acid is a component of olive oil and olive leaf extract. It can be considered as a marker for maturation of olives. Oleuropein, together with other closely related compounds such as 10-hydroxyoleuropein, ligstroside and 10-hydroxyligstroside, are tyrosol esters of elenolic acid.

What are Health Benefits of Olive Leaf Extract.

1. Immune System Support
Because of the antiviral and antibacterial properties of olive leaf extract, your body will be more able to fight off illness and disease when you are using this extract on a regular basis. If you are starting to get sick, try using olive leaf extract to decrease your recovery time and the severity of symptoms.

2. Anti-Inflammatory
Olive leaf extract contains flavonoids, which have been found to have strong anti-inflammatory benefits. When you decrease inflammation in your body, you can decrease the symptoms of multiple health conditions including arthritis, heart disease, cancer, and chronic pain.

3. Anti-Viral
Olive leaf extract is a natural anti-viral agent and is being studied for possible benefits in the treatment of HIV infection and other viruses.

4. Heart Health
It has been found that olive leaf extract can decrease blood cholesterol levels and also decrease high blood pressure levels. Maintaining healthy cholesterol and blood pressure is an important element in preventing heart disease and heart attacks.

5. Cancer Treatment and Prevention
Olive leaf extract contains compounds that work to reduce free radical activity within your body, which in turn will help you to prevent cancer. The antioxidants that are found within this extr