How’s green coffee bean extract have effect ?Green coffee bean extract products have antioxidant, anti-diabetic , anti-tumor effect, and it will be used to lose weight , He Rubiaceae coffee seeds from the extracted parts dry seeds, For those who want to lose weight for a try Oh ​​, he will give you unexpected results , let’s take a look at some of his chemical elements , It contains chlorogenic acid, 10.0% , 20.0 %,25.0 %, 30.0 %, 35.0 %, 45.0 %, 50.0% The total chlorogenic acid to 70% MF : C16H18O9 Molecular Weight : 354.31 Green Coffee bean herbal extract are to undergo a rigorous processing , so his weight loss is very commendable ,

where caffeine -rich ingredients for lipolysis has played a huge role ; more special is that the product is instant powder , so whether it is with hot coffee or iced coffee , also, or your favorite yogurt , milk, soy milk and so can be mixed drink , so you no longer have to worry about not taste ! The researchers found that slimming green coffee behind the ” hero” is that it is rich in chlorogenic acid . This new slimming coffee contains 6-10% chlorogenic acid .

It can reduce the ability of the intestinal absorption of sugars and accelerate the burning of fat in the body speed , makes a man healthy slim , so weight loss is significant. Enough to take a twice daily , in the morning remember to drink the first glass of water may play a role in cleaning the stomach , plus the green coffee bean extract insist on taking some time there will be unexpected amazing results ,

Some people suspect that there are side effects of taking too much whether , where a clear affirmation that he will not have any side effects , because he was out of pure natural extracts , Green coffee bean extracts in addition to its other pharmacological effects of weight loss :


Pharmacological effects : 1 . Antioxidant : Herbal extracts chlorogenic acid and its derivatives have strong antioxidant effect. 2 mutations and tumor suppression . Has significant efficacy for the prevention and treatment of nasopharyngeal cancer , has significant therapeutic efficacy of cancer , and has low toxicity and safety features ; Japanese scholars chlorogenic acid has anti- mutation effect ,

revealing the preventive effect on tumor 3 kidney, enhance immune function of the body ; 4 anti-oxidation, anti-aging , resistance to aging , such as bones ; 5 antibacterial, antiviral , diuretic, gallbladder, lowering blood pressure, miscarriage role ; . Detoxification, anti-bacterial anti-inflammatory. 4 hypoglycemic . Packing: inner double plastic bags , the outer drum (0.065m3/drum) really help lose weight herbabl extract , but only through proper diet and regular exercise to burn calories in the long run to keep slim . In use if there are any problems and questions you can contact us, we will be the first time to give you a satisfactory answer !

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