cordyceps mycelia extract powder is a traditional Chinese rare traditional Chinese medicinal materials, it is made from meat bacteria, ergot families Chinese caterpillar fungus cordyceps fungus of the genus parasitic bat moth larvae in the alpine meadow soil, make the larvae are rigid, under appropriate conditions, the summer by jiang worm head end smoke created a long rod stroma and form (that is, the cordyceps sinensis bacteria fruit body and jiang worm sclerotium bodies (larvae) constitute a complex).


Adjust the immune system functionEquivalent of the army in the body immune system, internal against tumor, remove aging, necrotic tissue, external infection against viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms.The body every day possible mutations in tumor cells.Normal function of the immune system of human body can escape the fate of the tumor, immune system problems, may develop into cancer.Cordyceps Sinensis Mycelia Extract like the function of the immune system in adjusting the volume, make it in the best state.It can increase the number of immune system cells, tissue, promote antibodies, to increase the number of phagocytosis, killer cells, enhance its function, and can lower the function of certain immune cells.Direct anti-tumor effectCordyceps sinensis extracts have clear inhibit and kill tumor cells in vitro.Cordyceps sinensis contains cordycepin, is its main ingredients give play to the role of anti-tumor.Improve the cell energy, resist fatigueCordyceps sinensis can improve the body energy plant mitochondria, energy, improve the ability of the body to cold, relieve fatigue.Regulating cardiac functionCordyceps sinensis can improve the cardiac hypoxia capacity, reduce heart for oxygen consumption, anti-arrhythmic.Adjust the liver functionCordyceps sinensis can reduce toxic substances on the liver damage, against the occurrence of liver fibrosis.In addition, by regulating immune function, enhance the capacity of antiviral, good for viral hepatitis play a role.Adjust respiratory functionCordyceps sinensis has dilated bronchi, and asthma, the action of expectorant, prevent emphysema.Adjust the kidney functionCordyceps sinensis can relieve chronic kidney disease – disease, improving renal function, reduce the toxicity of material damage to the kidney.Regulate hematopoiesis functionCordyceps sinensis can strengthen the ability of bone marrow platelet production, red blood cells and white blood cells.Regulating blood lipidCordyceps sinensis can lower cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood, improve beneficial HDL to human body, reduce atherosclerosis.


Other efficacyChinese caterpillar fungus has direct antiviral, regulating the central nervous system function, regulating function, etc.Cordyceps P.E. Polysaccharide can play such as to the human body Cordyceps sinensis well the comprehensive health care function, is a magic, also clear conscience since ancient times “immortality” laudatory name.In modern society, taking Chinese caterpillar fungus has the guarantee of health is not only itself, more important, is the perfection of the resulting health quality of life.The anti-fatigue effect of cordyceps sinensis, weariness is a very common phenomenon.It can be divided into disease resistance fatigue and the disease of two types of fatigue, and in general as long as is a disease of fatigue can be inspired by, sport, entertainment and so on to eliminate the symptoms of sleep.And not a disease of sex of fatigue, Chinese caterpillar fungus has anti-fatigue effect.

cordyceps mycelia extract powder function

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