Amygdalin vitamin b17 extract powder glucoside can prevent cancer?

      Amygdalin vitamin b17 extract powder glucoside can prevent cancer?Bitter apricot kernels glucoside is a kind of healthy food, almond, bitter apricot kernels glucoside can enter blood for killing cancer cellsEaten in moderation can not only effectively control the content of cholesterol in the human body can significantly reduce the risk of heart disease and a variety of chronic diseases.Vegetarians eat sweet almond protein can timely, trace elements and vitamins, such as iron, zinc and vitamin E.Sweet almond contains fat is essential for healthy people, is a kind of high unsaturated fat is good for your heart.The study found that eating 50 ~ 100 g almond (about 40 ~ 80 almond), weight does not increase.Sweet almond protein content is high, not only in the large amounts of fiber can make people reduce hungry feeling, it is beneficial to maintain their weight.

Fiber beneficial intestinal tissue and can decrease the incidence of colorectal cancer, cholesterol and the risk of heart disease. So obese people choose sweet almond as snacks, can achieve the effect of weight control.Recent scientific studies have also shown that sweet almond can promote skin micro circulation, make the skin ruddy luster, have the effect of beauty. Bitter apricot extract glucoside extract nutritional value very high, and almond is rich in nutritional value more.Almonds are rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, which are beneficial to heart health.Contains the antioxidants such as vitamin E, can prevent disease and premature aging.Almond contains 27% of protein, fat, carbohydrate, 11% 53% each hectogram almond contains 111 mg calcium, phosphorus 385 mg, 70 mg of iron, also contains a certain amount of carotene.

Plant powder amygdalin extract kernels glucoside, etc.Bitter apricot kernels glucoside and anti-tumor effect, almond anti-tumor effect is mainly due to the bitter almond contains a kind of biological active substance, laetrile, can enter the blood for killing cancer cells, but no effect on the healthy cells, so can improve the symptoms of advanced cancer patients, prolong patient survival.At the same time, because is rich in carotene, can therefore be anti-oxidation, prevent free radicals attack cells that have the function of the prevention of tumor!

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