Who We Are

Shaanxi SUNRISE Industrial Co.,Ltd, is a leading herbal extract manufacturer/supplier in China, devote to providing high quality and reliable raw material which are widely used in fields of food, health, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics. The company mainly produces and sells high-purity monomers with botanical functional ingredients and standard extractives, such as Resveratrol, Synephrine, B-Carotene, Griffonia Seed Extract(5-HTP), Green Tea Extract(Polyphenols, EGCG), Aloe Vera Extract(Aloin),  White Willow Bark Extract(Salicin), Grape Seed Extract, Green Coffee Bean Extract.

Shaanxi SUNRISE consists of an professional, experienced, hardworking, and reliable team which has practical experience in the manufacture and distribution of herbal extract to the international market. The team is committed to ensure superior quality of the products and services to our customers. A world-wide network of connections allows us to source the best raw materials around the global.The company strives to become the world’s leading manufacturer/supplier of herbal extract and is dedicated to provide the finest products to meet ever changing market demands. Its focus is on building a strong customer base that will enable us to better market our products and services.

The company subordinate enterprise Xi’an Sunrise Biotechnology Co.,Ltd, it focus on bio-technology and natural herbal extracts produce and research &development, has perfect quality assurance system, implements strict quality control standards, and all production steps are accordance with GMP requirements, including raw material purchase, pre-processing, production, inflow storage. The Quality Management Department is outfitted with advanced testing and experimental equipment, and makes detailed division of labor for technology research, quality assurance and quality control, so that it can conduct effective and comprehensive quality control in the production process, and make the comprehensive detection analysis of final products, thus ensuring product quality.

The company have earned the respect and trust of our customers worldwide. All the products are exported to over 50 countries and regions, expect to establish long-term business relationships with you based on the tenet of “responsibility, efficiency, professionalism, commitment and winning our customers’ trust”.

Our Advantages

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