Ginseng herbal Extract technical requirements

Ginseng herbal Extract technical requirements 1 Scope This technical requirement specifies health food ingredients in ginseng extracttechnical requirements, test methods, inspection rules and labeling, packaging, transportation and storage requirements. The technical requirements applicable for the production of health food with ginseng extract. 2 Normative references The following documents for the application of this document is essential. For dated references, only the dated version applicable to the technical requirements. For undated references, the latest edition (including any amendments) applies to [...]

How to make stevia barley

How to make stevia herb powder?   Ingredients:   Barley (1 cup (small cup Soymilk))   Stevia  extract(0.8g) Practice: 1,One would barley tea,stevia powder into the soybean milk, the key grain production with   2,do a good job of barley, filtered residue can be.     Tips:   If you prefer thicker barley tea or a light may be appropriate increase or decrease; stevia can also increase or decrease with personal preferences  

Efficacy and role of Curcuma Extract Curcuminoids

Efficacy and role of turmeric 【Chinese turmeric Dosage 3 ~ 9g; external use. The clinical application of traditional Chinese medicine turmeric [] 1. Governance distressed (“miraculous remedy”): Herbal Turmeric governance distressed: turmeric, black cable, frankincense, and myrrh. Into each other on the end with a good wine, (such as hand-distressed to catch a party with the decoction). Each serving 6g,     【Chinese turmeric Dosage     3 ~ 9g; external use.     [Clinical application of Chinese medicine turmeric     1 Governance [...]

How effective Lotus leaf extract

  Lotus leaf extract lotus leaf powder PE Product source Nymphaeaceae dried lotus Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn Leaves, Characteristics for the green-brown powder, a little clean aroma, slightly bitter taste, For people to lose weight is the best choice because it contains his nuciferine, citric acid, malic acid, gluconic acid, oxalic acid, succinic acid and other anti-mitotic effect of alkaline ingredients, it can be a diuretic laxative, discharge enterotoxin, lowering blood lipids degreasing, Qingshu antipyretic, can significantly reduce serum glycerol glycerol content, with lipid [...]

What side effects and efficiency long time use the Grape seed what are ?

What side effects and efficiency long time use the Grape seed what are ?   What is grape seed extract ? What are Grape seed extract efficacy and side effects Grape seed extract is from a natural grape seed extract nutrients and effective activity of vitamin E and other major raw materials refined nutritious foods , proanthocyanidins is a potent antioxidant, a potent free radical scavenger , is found in one of the most powerful antioxidants . 1 , reduce wrinkles , [...]

What’s the function of green tea extract ?

What ‘s the function of green tea extract ?   Green tea is tea shoots buds , leaves, stems, after fixing, rolling , drying and other process made early tea ( or called Maocha ) and by shaping , classification process made of refined tea ( also known as the finished product tea ) ; is to keep the green features, for drinking tea. Is not fermented tea , its processing is characterized by high temperatures at the beginning of [...]

Ginseng extract don’t take too much

Ginseng extracts side effects, ginseng nourishing, strong effect almost everyone know, but the toxicity and side effects of ginseng are often ignored by everyone and people’s living standards improve, taking ginseng or ginseng tonic preparations a lot of people and some people blindly of large doses of ginseng, often result in a series of adverse consequences. In general, ginseng is relatively low acute toxicity study confirmed: The oral intake of 5 grams per kilogram of body weight of ginseng [...]

Schisandra function of water to drink

  Schisandra effectiveness: Convergence lung , ney, Sheng Jin , closing Khan , astringent fine . Governance lung deficiency cough, dry mouth for thirst , spontaneous , night sweats , injured workers Leishou , nocturnal emission , long time diarrhea ( 1 ) fluid sweating : Yin Ye thirst for deficiencies , night sweats , often with Radix , raw oysters. ( 2 ) convergence lung cough : cough for kidney deficiency of the imaginary , asthma, often with kidney drugs . ( 3 [...]

How’s green coffee bean extract have effect ?

             How’s green coffee bean extract have effect ?Green coffee bean extract products have antioxidant, anti-diabetic , anti-tumor effect, and it will be used to lose weight , He Rubiaceae coffee seeds from the extracted parts dry seeds, For those who want to lose weight for a try Oh ​​, he will give you unexpected results , let’s take a look at some of his chemical elements , It contains chlorogenic acid, 10.0% , [...]

you lose weight with raspberry extract it?

You lose weight with raspberry extract it? Speaking of raspberries we will not be unfamiliar , is the most used herbal of raspberrextract many cosmetics brands in Korea , raspberries contain a lot containing organic acids, sugars and vitamin C and β- sitosterol . One of the important nutrients β- sitosterol, the skin has a high permeability, moisture can keep the skin surface , promote skin metabolism, sometimes concerned that he has no other effect, yes, skin inflammation, auxiliary malleable good, smooth not sticky .Also raspberries contain a lot of carbohydrates and vitamin C, vitamin C is an effective substance collagen synthesis ,VC antioxidant against free radicals can damage cells prevent   mutation of cells , leaving the skin healthy and bright .Raspberry extract which is rich in vitamin C and minerals , in addition to help the skin , but also has a whitening and conditioning the skin. He not only can be used in cosmetics can also be used on thin , Additional components of the role of some weight loss productsin the market are from raspberry plant extracts vendor sourcing of raw materials for processing to be made into capsules for oral administration Amy , because it contains important nutrients and organic acids, antibiotic- Eva he can digest PH reduced, making acid-base balance in the digestive tract , so as to achieve easy detox, scientific beauty effect. Raspberrplantextracts, true to nourish yin drugs , with a slightly acidic taste can receive proactive dissipation of yin and spermatogenesis …. Where the child are important , and more able kidney, and this has someone yin, kidney energy firstrong Chifold force have children , are yin tonic effect also.   He uses and efficacy are documented in the famous Chinese medicine book to reference for future generations and better use ,1G, weight loss herbextract fat burning , and skin whitening is unique choices daily dosage .