About Us

Shaanxi Sunrise Industrial Co.,Ltd, is a leading herbal extract manufacturer/supplier in China. We devote to providing high quality and reliable raw material which are widely used in fields of food, health, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and others.
Our factory has passed QS and ISO9001 attestation, strict quality control for whole extraction process from the herbal raw materials, processing, packing. Our products include Cranberry Extract, Grape Seed Extract, Aloe Vera Extract Aloin, Glutathione, Arbutin, Rosehip Oil, Sweet Orange Oil, D-Limonene etc…
We has established stable trade relationship with customers over 30 countries. High quality with best price, and free sample is available, we appreciate any inquiry from you, Please feel free to contact us.


Our Products Areas


Medicine Raw Material

The natural herbal extract powder / liquid is widely used in pharmaceutical field.

Synephrine  Luteolin  Magnolia Bark Extract  Geranium Oil阅读更多 »


Cosmetic Raw Material

The natural plant extract / essential oil is widely used in cosmetic field.

Resveratrol  Arbutin  Grape Seed Extract  Evening Primrose Oil阅读更多 »


Health Products Material

The natural plant extract is widely used in health products raw material.

Astaxanthin  5-HTP  Garcinia Cambogia Extract阅读更多 »


Food / Beverages Addtive

The natural herb extract is widely used in food / beverages addtive.

Green Tea Extract  Cranberry Extract  Luo Han Guo Extract  Garlic Oil阅读更多 »


Feed Supplement

The natural her extract powder is widely used in feed supplement

Turmeric Extract  Cinnamon Bark Extract  Eucalyptus Oil阅读更多 »


Other Natural Plant Extract

The natural herb extract / essential oil are used in healthy life more widely.阅读更多 »