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Xi'an Sunrise Biotech Co., Ltd

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About us

Bebtra& Sunrise Biotech Co., Ltd Company ,Our  manufacturing high quality Chinese herbs  and China herbal extract, We have competitively price herbs and herbal extract,It China Supplier effective weight loss herbs very popular in many foreign country ,we are also have our own plant extracts, P.E. Powder such as: Grape Seed Extract,Reduced L-Glutathione Capsules powder,Aloe Vera Aloin Extract Powder ,Natural Gingko Biloba Extract Powder Capsule,Essential Oil herbal extracts etc......

Bebtra Star&Sunrise Biology Co.,Ltd Company 
specializes in manufacturing Supply high-quality 
chinese herbs and herbal extract powder, We 
provide Natural herbs and herbal extract at 
competitive price,In particular our weight loss herbs 
are very popular in many foreign countries,We 
exclusively produce plantextracts,P.E. Powder,Such 
us:Grape seed extract, Boswellia effective Anti-
Inflammatory herbs,marshmallow herbal 
extract,olive leaf extract etc